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A Kind of Cold you Don’t Play With!

(Author: John Piper)Tonight it will be 40 degrees warmer in our kitchen freezer than it is outside here in Minneapolis. The high temperature on the Lord’s day will be five below zero (Fahrenheit). We receive this from the Lord’s hand.

He sends out his command to the earth;

his word runs swiftly.

He gives snow like wool;

he scatters hoarfrost like ashes.

He hurls down his crystals of ice like crumbs;

who can stand before his cold?

He sends out his word, and melts them;

he makes his wind blow and the waters flow.

(Psalm 147:15-18)

This is the kind of cold you do not play with. It kills. When I came to Minnesota from South Carolina, I dressed for it. But I did not prepare life-saving support in my car in case of break down. One Sunday night on the way home from church in this kind of cold my car died. This was before cell phones. I had two small children in the car. There was no one on this road. I suddenly realized, this is dangerous. Soon it was very dangerous. No one came. I saw in the distance through a fence a house. I am the father. This is my job. I climbed the fence and ran to the house and knocked on the door. They were home. I explained that I had a wife and two small children in the car, would they let us in. They did.

This is a kind of cold you do not play with. It is one more way God says, “Whether hot or cold, high or deep, sharp or blunt, loud or quiet, bright or dark . . . don’t toy with me. I am God. I made all these things. They speak of me, just like the warm summer breezes do, and the gentle rains, and the soft moonlit nights, and the lapping of the lakeside, and lilies of the field and the birds of the air. There is a word for us in this cold. May the Lord give us skin to feel and ears to hear.


Being Greatful

I got this email from a friend in Nigiria this morning;

Happy new year. It is important that we ask you to stand by us in thaksgiving to the Almighty God for saving me from death in the hands of Armed robbers. Just before the last Xmas, we were blessed with a car. But on the 9th of this month, armed aducted me on my way from Church. The bonddled me into the booth of the car and drove me arround while they carried out their robbery operations. However, the Lord intervened and I escaped mirqculously. Though, they made away with the car, my eventual esacpe is worth thanking God for. Stand with as we pray for it’s recovery.
Also, join us in prayer as we prepare for the D4D Foundations Training coming up between 28th January and 2nd Feb., 2008 in Warri. Pray for journey mercies and good health for the Team of Facilitators led by Scott Purser, and all the participants.
Our warmest regards to all the brthren arround you.
Your friendd, Adams
Pray for Adams that they would be able to recover his car, There is no insurance.

Here you go Dustin

Here you go Dustin

Watch this one


“Infinite and yet an infant.

Eternal and yet born of a woman.

Almighty, and yet nursing at a woman’s breast.

Supporting a universe, and yet needing to be carried in a mother’s arms.

Heir of all things, and yet the carpenter’s despised son.”

–Charles Haddon Spurgeon


That man should be made in God’s image is a wonder,

but that God should be made in man’s image is a greater wonder.

That the Ancient of Days would be born.

That He who thunders in the heavens should cry in the cradle?”

-Thomas Watson

“Mans Maker was made man

that the Bread might be hungry,

the Fountain thirst,

the Light sleep,

the Way be tired from the journey;

that Strength might be made weak,

that Life might die.



“And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us,

and we have seen his glory,

glory as of the only Son from the Father,

full of grace and truth.”

(John 1:14)