4 Wheeling

Yesterday as we were headed back north we were talking about a different way we might go. We talked about going over the Mackinaw Bridge. We talked about taking the Badge Ferry across Lake Michigan. A year ago we had talked about going up toward Ludington, MI and 4 wheeling on the sand dunes. That was it. The plan, do some dune gliding for a few days and take the ferry across the lake. So anyway we got all the stuff, flag with 10 foot pole, park pass, ORV (off road vehicle) pass and headed for the dunes.

Really cool and fun. It took us about 3 tries to get up the steep hill and get stuck. Within about 5 minutes a guy with his wife and baby stopped next to us. The first thing he asked was what city we were from. “City” being the key word. He gave some needed advice about not running more than 12 PSI in the tires and don’t stop till you crest the hill. Then he asked if we had a tow strap, but stopped himself and said “rookies of course not”. Then he quit poking fun at our situation and pulled us a few feet back down the hill. He was really a nice guy.

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