Being Greatful

I got this email from a friend in Nigiria this morning;

Happy new year. It is important that we ask you to stand by us in thaksgiving to the Almighty God for saving me from death in the hands of Armed robbers. Just before the last Xmas, we were blessed with a car. But on the 9th of this month, armed aducted me on my way from Church. The bonddled me into the booth of the car and drove me arround while they carried out their robbery operations. However, the Lord intervened and I escaped mirqculously. Though, they made away with the car, my eventual esacpe is worth thanking God for. Stand with as we pray for it’s recovery.
Also, join us in prayer as we prepare for the D4D Foundations Training coming up between 28th January and 2nd Feb., 2008 in Warri. Pray for journey mercies and good health for the Team of Facilitators led by Scott Purser, and all the participants.
Our warmest regards to all the brthren arround you.
Your friendd, Adams
Pray for Adams that they would be able to recover his car, There is no insurance.

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