Monthly Archives: October 2007

Day one; travel Amsterdam

October 30, Amsterdam 6:00 A.M. We go to our gate 20 minutes early. I guess that is better than 20 minutes late. Seven and a half hours flight time. I started out in seat 18J across the isle from a woman that seemed to have a hard time settling in, about 5 minutes before the door of the plane closed she asked if I would mind switching with her brother, he was in 21C. Only 3 rows back accept to get there I had to go back to about row 93, cross over behind the fake wall and swim up stream against the late boarding crowd to row 21. It was really OK, still an isle. Gary and Merrilee were at, I think, row 29, exit row with six feet of leg room in front of them. Some how I think they planned that. Anyway the lady next to me 21D was about 65 and hadn’t been on a plane in 25 years. She and her husband were retired dairy farmers from Foley, MN on their way to Bosnia to see a statue of the Virgin Mary. They both tried about 3 times to explain to me why it was important for them to go see the statue. The more they explained, I think the more they became confused about the importance of their trip. And than there was the technology; the plane had a TV for each seat with a big selection of movie, games, music, a map of our route and progress. We got in the air, I plugged in my Bose headset, flipped through the movies, slid down in my chair and was about ready to dose off for the flight when I got an elbow in my side. I looked over to seat 21D, she held up the little remote that was attached to her TV and said hers doesn’t work. I showed her how to work it, flipped my headphone back over my ears, slid back down in my seat, closed my eyes and got another elbow. This time it was her husband; his “didn’t work either”. By the end of the flight I made it all the way through “Mr. Beans Vacation”. And had the couple in 21D & E watching movies and playing pac-man. I didn’t sleep a minute and usually I can be out before the wheels are off the ground.

It’s 7:30am Amsterdam time now, we are 6 hours ahead of MN time. Our flight to Nairobi leaves at 10:20AM we arrive 7 hours later at 8:30pm. We leave Nairobi at 9:30 PM, I’m not sure what time we get to Kampala. Anyway it is going to be a long day. Probably won’t write again till tomorrow if I can get an internet connection.


To Africa

Well, Dan leaves for Africa tomorrow. This is a really exciting trip. The purpose of the trip is to launch the merger of MMM and Navigators Africa. I have attached a prayer guide that explains what we will be doing and what is happening on this trip. Pray that as a result of the process more souls would be saved, lives truly changed and God glorified in a greater way than before. We want to thank for their donation of resources to be handed out to the African participants in this process. Pray that all of the material and information they will be receiving will encourage and excite them about the great privilege they have to serve their King. Prayer Guide